5 Timeless Principles of Entrepreneurial Success

“We control our actions, but the consequences that flow from those actions are controlled by principles.” – Stephen Covey

In the 30+ years that I have spent building businesses, I have seen many changes in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

But as I steadied, scaled and transformed my first business, Absco Solutions, into a market leading company, I learned how to be an entrepreneur the hard way, steering the business – slowly, step by step – toward success.

The process, combined with learnings compounded over time, helped me realize one fundamental truth: there are key business principles that stand the test of time.

I shared these 5 Principles with Inc. Magazine. My hope is that these 5 principles, fueled by your core values, can act as the “North Star” on your entrepreneurial journey when you need them most.

Read the full article in Inc. Magazine here.

Erick Slabaugh is a Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member, Advisor. He serves as the CEO of Absco Solutions, a 40+ year market veteran in the facility security and fire-life safety industry, as well as CEO of FCP Insight, a cloud-based enterprise software solution for electrical contracting businesses. A former member of the Global Board of Directors, Erick is a long-standing member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Seattle chapter.

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